To Give Up

Some of you can relate to this…
Alarm goes off at the crack of dawn so you can go to the gym before work. “Not today… I’m staying in bed.” You gave up for the day.

When my alarm goes off, there is no option. Just the act of getting out of bed is as much work as going to the gym. Moving around and doing the bare necessities is hard work. If I “give up”, then nothing happens.

Why do some of us “give up”? It’s just too much work. It’s too hard. Everyone can understand that. Some of us have a farther threshold than others. So don’t judge if someone has decided to “give up”.

But the truth remains… If I give up, the ability will most likely not come back. If I stop doing what I’m doing every day, I may not be able to do those things anymore. So I don’t give up. I get out of bed. I move. I fix food for myself. I exercise. I rest when necessary but I don’t stop.

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