What Else Can I Do?

I want to keep this blog updated weekly. But it seems silly to write the same thing each week-
My pain is still gone and the fatigue is much better!

That is absolutely true. And that right there is worth every effort of this procedure that I had done!

But here is the tough part:

My goal was to walk one lap with my walker around my house each day this year. The truth is that walking is getting harder; NOT easier which I had hoped.

The tremors in my hands and arms are still debilitating. I spill a lot. And don’t ask me to butter bread!

And even though I do yoga every day, I am extremely stiff. Whenever I go to do my exercises on the floor, it’s as though I have never stretched. But I still do them.

So I still have my challenges! Big ones.

I would guess that I have approximately 20 to 30 years left on this earth. When abilities disappear in six months, do the math.

But I have a very determined personality. What else can I do but live each day at a time? What else can I do but keep trying to do what I did yesterday?

I wish I could find someone who is similar to me in my physical disability. I am in my scooter all day every day. Thankfully, however, I am able to stand for 10 to 20 seconds, walk (more like shuffle) a very short distance, get on the floor and do yoga and minimal exercises, etc. If you are in a similar situation, please email me!


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