Like A Baby

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I’ve been home for a little over a week now.

As expected, the results are not as dramatic as they were right out of the gate.

But! There is no doubt that I am less fatigued and THE PAIN IS STILL GONE.

It was far too easy to feel discouraged a few days ago when my exhaustion made me wonder if the fatigue was back. But no one can go from 10 miles an hour to 50 miles an hour without feeling it. I was just plain tired.

The pain is still gone.

That may just be a direct result of the procedure causing an anti-inflammatory effect. A dose of steroids can do that! So it may come back, it may not. And I will be honest on this blog regardless.

I wondered before the procedure if weakness was fatigue. For instance, my left side is incredibly weak and I was getting to a point where I couldn’t safely grip anything with my left hand anymore.

With fatigue gone, would my left hand work better? The answer is yes. Weakness with a layer of fatigue on top makes it even worse! I am still weak but I can grip things easier.

I’m doing everything I’m supposed to do. I’m moving every 30 minutes. I’m doing breathing exercises. I’ve added some things to my diet per my doctor’s suggestion. There are some new supplements/medications on the way that I will add. I also have several tests at home which I need to do and send to a lab which will dictate future treatments as well.

Baby steps. The struggle remains but the fact also remains that I am able to take those baby steps! I wasn’t at all pre-treatment.

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