Hope in the form of TVAM / Stem Cell

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in December of 1997.
I am not Relapsing-Remitting, meaning that I always feel my symptoms. They never go away.

I do not take any of the available MS therapy drugs. (These drugs are specifically for patients with Relapsing-Remitting MS.) I do not see a neurologist. Neither of those things can help me.

IMG_3975Yoga, swimming, supplements, a clean diet, PRAYER, juicing, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, chelation, bone marrow stem cell treatment, meditation, exercise, infrared light therapy, massage… All extremely good things that have prolonged the quality of my life and have lessened the impact of my disability.

However, they have not stopped the progression. I continue to get worse. I continue to do less. What comes next? How much will I lose? When do I stop pushing myself and functioning? When do I get a full-time nurse and give up?

I am in a scooter full-time. I am almost always in pain.

I am tired.

Which leads us to the next chapter in this journey towards better health- TVAM, Transvascular Autonomic Modulation (read: vein dilation), combined with adipose tissue stem cells. It directly addresses the autonomic nervous system. Mine stinks.

This treatment is performed at a clinic in LA. They have extremely high success rates instantly, six months out, and three years out of treatment.

We feel extremely hopeful that this will provide some benefits and relief to me! I need it. So here we go.

We leave December 6. Treatment is on December 7 and 8.

Please pray.